Keyboards: Laser Technology Device Competes with Traditional Keyboards
Monthly sales could top 100k, orders backlogged
PHOENIX, Jan. 22, 2004 -- iBIZ Technology Corp. announced it is positioning its Virtual Keyboard device in retail markets to compete with traditional keyboards. Once available in consumer outlets, iBIZ anticipates sales to exceed 100K units a month. iBIZ notes that traditional keyboards are known to wear out and fail from overuse but the Virtual Keyboard is not susceptible to the same type of abuse.

The device leverages the power of laser and infrared technology, and by projecting a full size keyboard image onto a flat surface it analyzes what is being typed according to the coordinates of the location. Users of the Virtual Keyboard have no wear and tear issues like those that require traditional keyboards to be replaced in due time. Major retailers have indicated a strong interest in carrying the laser keyboard. Orders are backlogged at the company website.
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The Virtual Keyboard weighs two ounces, is the size of a disposable cigarette lighter with no mechanical parts. The device includes a self-contained, rechargeable lithium ion battery providing an internal power supply of three to four hours. Compatible with PCs and Laptops, it runs on Windows 98/2000/XP, and most PDAs using Palm or Pocket PC Operating System.

About iBIZ Technology
iBIZ is a manufacturer and distributor of accessories for personal digital assistant (PDA) and hand-held devices. iBIZ is recognized in the retail markets for innovative, high quality, competitively priced products available through major consumer outlets. Their Virtual Keyboard was recently showcased at the January 2004 Consumer Electronics Show and acknowledged by CNN, CNBC and TechTV.

Source: iBIZ Technology Corp.

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